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Summaries for Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku

Prologue: Link Who / Chapter One

A number of people have asked I make up a summary for this story...I suppose the only way I can do that is to summarize every chapter - otherwise, what's the point. I know if you have (or will) skipped a chapter or ten of my story - you will be soooo incredibly lost. I'll warn you now this is a very complex piece - but then what about life isn't?

SO with that in mind, I've decided to post the summaries here in my live journal - I rarely use it for journaling - so what the heck. Feel free to comment or ask any plot/character questions that may pop into your head. I'll do my best to answer your questions here...

Basic plot premis: Link and Tetra have a bit of a falling out so of course the next thing you know, bad stuff happens. The story gives you the real reason you should go back to bed, when you wake up with a severe case of de ja vous.

The summaries for subsequent chapters I will post as comments to this: Reasons for that include:

1.That way they'll stay in order.
2.You'll be able to comment on any individual chapter posted as a reply
3.I won't have to work too hard to figure out which chapter your referring to.
4.If anyone wanders in after the fact they may find the answer they're looking for already answered

*phew* - With all that typed....off we go!

Summary of: The prologue: Link who? (this is also chapter one)

The poem I wrote for the beginning is, if you read it very carefully, the whole damn fic in dramatic short sentence.

no really

The rest is pretty straight forward. Zelda/Tetra is a little bit confuzzled. Link shows up only long enough to jog her memory of who she actually is and make her angry. At this point it's a given the two are NOT getting along and haven't for awhile. The box Link is searching for is actually an important plot piece later on.


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Summary of: Chapter One: Call me in the morning

Mostly plot developement -

At the moment Tetra doesn't realize she has a problem. She doesn't see that her anger is cause of her predicament and her connection with her Triforce piece is tenative at best, and she'd actually prefer to keep it that way.

Summary of: Chapter Two: Missing Tetra

Link had to wake up sometime - and since most of the LOZ series start with Link in bed - I figured I shouldn't mess with that.

Once awake, he spends time wondering where the pirate chica has wandered off to...this is further complicated by the arrival of Dalkin. This character has a past...I'll leave it at that. He also talks to himself...or at least to someone Link can neither see nor hear.

Since Link doesn't have any clue as to where Tetra and the rest of the pirates have gone - he decides to see if Dalkin (also refered to as Al) leads him anywhere that might be useful.

Summary of: Chapter Three: Fairy Crossings

As Tetra soon discovers, she has a problem. Stuck in the Fairy Queens fountain, she and Venus have a nice conversation (once they get past Tetra's inital stubborness)

Enter Nagori.

Nagori is a fairy (I refer to her as a sea fairy) remember that doll the FQ always has ... ahem yesh turned out to be a useful plot device. At this point Nagori is lent to Tetra to help her, but Venus hints that she has another purpose that has yet to be fulfilled...blah blah blah

Summary of: Chapter five: Soups On!

Link decides to take Al home with him. There are a few things he needs to pick up and during the trip around the island he discovers Al suffers from extreme motion sickness. Never a good thing in a small boat - but what can you do. Link finds his sister is back on the island and he starts to suspects the old man (Al) can handle a lot more magicky kind of stuff than he originally thought... stress can be fun.

Summary of: Chapter 6: Coffee is good for you!

Aryll returns with Link's Grandma (seems she spends a lot of time at Orca's) anyway, once Link introduces everyone - he leaved the house and heads for the Fairy fountain.

The Great Fairy of Outset teaches him a song to play on his ocarina...doesn't tell him why just does it (crazy fairies) She also tells Link that wherever Tetra is - she's starting to realize she's got a problem but doesn't say anything else on the subject.

He goes home after collecting a few fairies and his sister tells him about the strange little man asking questions about him on Windfall Island.

Link also gets the impression his grandmother and Al have met before.

Summary of: Chapter Seven: Step on a crack...

Tetra, with Nagori's help, is finally able to look past the traps series of repeating events. She also discovers that of everyone on board - Niko is the only one who remembers the re-cycling of days. This allows Tetra to get a rough idea of just how much time she has left...and she finds it aint much.

Gonzo brings the letters recieved and Tetra realizes Link was on the ship before they left Great Fish - she just doesn't actually remember why.

Gonzo - we find out - is sweet on Link's little sister heh

Chapter Eight:: Harmony

Start out with Link and Al on their way to great fish - this is also the first time Saimon gets a speaking part. Link still cant see or hear him but he has a sneaking suspicion about Al's invisible friend. You'll also note Saimon has a slightly caustic nature

Moving on, Tetra has a bit of down time so Nagori fixes her up with the memory of Link's last visit. This was the trigger that sets the time loop in motion...I hate when that happens

Chapter Nine: Doppleganger

Truthfully I think the title for this would have been better suited to the next chapter - but I am too lazy to think up a new one >o<

Link gets a letter from GOnzo (which it turns out) is the same one he received back in chapter6. Link and Al arrive on Great Fish and Link decides to take a nap - Al reads the letter and starts to realize that a really obnoxious piece of his past is once again up to no good.

Summary of: Chapter Ten: Every One knows its Windy

Tetra pays a little more attention to the box Link left behind after their argument - Nagori spend time being cute. The ship runs afoul of another octo Tetra decides just turning around ain't gonna cut it...

This was a stumper - how the frick frack was I going to get a really big pirate ship all the way from Great Fish to Outset - really really fast

Cyclos of course

Summary of: Chapter Eleven: Only the Shadow knows….muwahahahah

Another stupid Title - oh well

Al can't sleep - and his invisible friend finally talks him into a nap...Somehow (and the goddesses are the only ones who know - cause they sure didn't tell me) Link shares Al's dream about his past.

In the morning Link almost gets a straight answer from Al and they head down into the cave to have a chat with Jabun. Ony problem the place is awash in miniblins...stupid ne' ne's

Summary of: Chapter Twelve: Night and Day

Titles - meh the bane of my existence... Anyway Link's been conked by his own boomerang - he also realizes the person he gave it to was not who he thought they were...did that make sense? So Al we find out has an alter ego named Mei - The other person (who whacked Link) is Kei (roughly translated dark and light

Saimon discovers Kei cannot see him either so Dalkin and he part ways. Al goes with Kei and Saimon stays with Link.

Elsewhere on the Great Sea Tetra - finds out she's only managed to find her way past the boundaries of the magic trap. She still stuck within the time loop - which will require her to do other stuff to make it stop.

She also gets really really tired and goes to take a nap.

Summary of: Chapter Thirteen: Meet me in the garden

Yesh, so onward and forward - Tetra (who fell asleep in the last chapter) wake up in that funky garden where she last saw Link (chap.1) Link is out of it at the moment - got whacked back in (chap 11 - stupid ne' ne's)

Saimon finds he can talk to Tetra, but she still can't see him...Tetra wakes up Link. They manage to be civil and Link and Tetra exchange a bit of information (necessary for what is coming up)

It dawn on Link that the song taught to him by the Great Fairy might have been intended for Saimon - so he plays it and *poof* Saimon is now visible - but without his ethereal glowage.

Tetra fades out and Link finds he's stuck there - well at least until Saimon wakes up.

Summary of: Chapter Fourteen: Saimon Says

See the previous summary

Summary of: Chapter Fifteen: Get Back

Saimon wakes up and to Link's surprise the fairy does not seem to be able to understand him...this is odd but Link tries to work around it.

Saimon it seems has an unusual sense of fairy humor and get's Link to utter a spell without warning him of what will happen when he does.

Link manages to land without injury - Saimon gets soaked and is not amused

Tetra wakes up and berates herself for not telling fairy-boy the one thing she should have - meanwhile she also discovers the only way to get her beloved ship out of sight is to cut down the mast. (forgive me for putting a hinge in it - just couldn't resist.) Anyway Ship gets into cave and Tetra gets her first glimpse of the happy bad guy Hitokage (I still don't like him btw)

Tetra retreats within herself for protection

Summary of: Chapter Sixteen: The Unseen Dangers of Pie

There is a running gag throughout the fic - having to do specifically with 'Pie' I have no intention of explaining that here or anywhere else - If you don't understand the reference - go ask your parents...*ahem*

Gonzo, we discover in this chapter is Tetra's older brother. (Different mothers) - anyway...every princess has a guardian - Impa was not available - Gonzo was woo hoo! Gonzo also realizes that he may have aided the shadow before they left Great Fish - (this is a plot hole I never bothered to fix - someday though)

Nagori knows this - ummm - I hadn't figured out yet so you'll just have to wait until I get to that later. Just work on the assumption that FARIES KNOW EVERYTHING - I do.

Tetra in the mean time heads for her sanctuary only to find it already inhabited by the part of herself responsible for being the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom...heh Can you believe it she's arguing with herself - go figure

Summary of: Chapter Seventeen: Remember Me?

Tetra continues to argue with herself and eventaually comes to the conclusion she can no longer ignore that part of herself. So for the first time since the battle Ganondorf - she embraces her role as the Princess of Hyrule.

The chapter ends with Tetra waking up in her cabin - only to find an after image of Link in the room. She understands what she's seeing is not the same Link she recently met in the garden. This Link show no sign of his previous encounter with the miniblins (stupid ne' ne's)

Summary of: Chapter Eighteen: Great Fish

This is where people start to get really confused...Remember the Link Tetra just saw is not the Link in the 'normal' present. Tetra is seeing what happened on her ship once it got there - remember odd little time loop

okay - Link goes down to talk to Jabun - Link finds Jabun stuck under the lake and sets him free. Jabun knows who Saimon is and understands Saimon's purpose - Saimon it seems can translate Old Hylain to new - Link starts to wonder abou that. Jabun is a very old fish - he knows exactly who/what Dalkin (Al) used to be. He also explains that Kei is not a boy - but Al's twin sister Delia

so what do we know?

Dalkin = Al = Mei - Saimon is his guardian fairy (I'll explain that later)
Delia = Kei - (Senkyoku is hers)

Summary of: Chapter Nineteen: Don't look into the Light

part one of two this chapter helps explain how Dalkin & Delia - eventaully became Mei & Kei

Why the hero never showed up ( that's open for debate)

Either way the kids runaway from home and of course - bad stuff happens

Summary of: Chapter Twenty: There's No Place Like Home

Part two of two

My crack head theory of why Hyrule was flooded and how the master sword lost the power to repel evil

It also includes how Dalkin and Delia came into the care of one Golden-eyed young man - I like this boy - but the fairy queen thinks him ill used 0.o

the shadow is trapped within the trap set off by the King of Hyrule

Summary of: Chapter Twenty-one: The Trouble with Fairies

In this chapter Link wraps up his conversation with Jabun and figures out Saimon can understand him just fine.

Tetra continue to watch the memory of Link on her ship. He is fun to watch no? The fairy she encountered before, she can see but now she can't hear him.

Nagori make a break for it and Tetra realizes - she on her own.

Summary of: Chapter Twenty-two: Rhymes

This chapter deals mostly with Link, pulling a little information out of Saimon but some of the things Saimon tells him don't jibe well with the information he just got from Jabun. Link knows he's running short on time - but what can you do

Summary of: Chapter Twenty-three: Breaking up is hard to do.

Tetra decides now that the fairy is gone - she needs to get a move on. Sitting in her cabin she examins that wayward bithday present. She also knows if she stays with her crew, they'll never escape.

So Tetra does what she needs to - then leaves the ship with only Niko in tow.

Summary of: Chapter Twenty-Four: Sisters

Whose sisters you ask...

Well we start of with Dalkin's (aka Al/Mei) In the not so long ago she was named Delia - she is also Dalkin's twin sister. Since being lured into the future, her alter who I named Kei has won control over her sometimes fragile psyche - Needless to say - she is not the most stable of people and yo could say she has a thing for the bad guy - some women never learn.

the second half deals with Link's sister - Aryll. I debated a long time whether to bring her into this whole mess, but then I realized there wasn't another better suited for the job I needed done.

As I was playing TWW my curiosity was piqued when the cut scene of Aryll's kidnapping played. Two seagulls followed after the Helmroc king

and yup you guess it: Jake and Jasper were born (I love those two)

Anyway they are a pair of seagulls - at least they are right now.

Summary of: Chapter Twenty-five: Wishes

Link continues to mull over what the golden-eyed young man could have wished for...While trying to decide where to go first he wonders aloud ( and in my fic it's always a bad idea to wonder anything aloud...)

Link has a vision/dream - sort of thing - It shows the creation of Saimon, Senkyoku and eventually Nagori. All three fairies were spawned from the same event and are therefore connected in the great big scheme-o-things.

The tekuragari (named Kage and Kageri) are faires that have "lost the light"
To correct this Venus - collects the 'donated' life essence of one very good man, is funny how one person can effect so many

But whatever, so Venus binds the not so nice fairies to it and Kage becomes Saimon and Kageri becomes Senkyoku. Venus then collects what is left - to one day be Nagori

Link wakes up and is annoyed. He hates prophetic dreams (they mean nothing but trouble) Jake (one of Aryll seagull friends) drops off a package for Link and leaves.

Link looks through the stuff and finds a note from his grandma. He knows now she had recognized Dalkin (aka Al/Mei) refer back to chapter 6

Summary of: Chapter Twenty-Six: The Song of Reminiscence

heh - and you thought this was complicated before.

Tetra and Niko are headed for Headstone Island they've been rowing for at least 24 hours. Tetra has, by leaving her ship, thrown off the timeloops's magic. So now she is looking for a way to tell when the loop will reset. On a hunch she charges Niko to review the lists to make sure nothing fall off the list -

meaning: the only way the timeloops magic can reset is if it 'erases' things that have happened

So when the last item on Niko's list disappears - she realizes they are running out of time to get to headstone.

The next bits have to do with Medli and Makar. The Sages of Earth and Wind will need the Song of Reminiscence to help in the fight that happens later on...so ever so conviently - they do. Go me.

The last part deals with Link and his letters. The first he looks at is from Tetra with a worning not to open it for at least 24 hours

the next is from Aryll - is full of interesting news about the Pirates

the last is from Orca - Orca in my world is a man of very few words - Link is reminded then of a special form the old warrior taught him, it also included training with a Bo - Link doesnt have a Bo but works through the steps anyway...while secretly wishing for a 'well balanced stick'
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